Jim Bowers
Tequila Lips

1. Grampa Was A Miner 4:50
2. Tequila Lips 4:06 MP3
3. Black Rose 4:37
4. Everybody Called Him Harlan 4:46
5. Life After 40 3:30
(The Whiny Baby Boomer Folk Song)
6. Into My Past She Strays 4:04
7. Missed Dreams With Regrets 4:04
8. Better To Be Free 4:05
9. Mississippi At Midnight 4:30
10. The Voice 3:31 MP3
11. Three Chord Blues 5:16
(With Apologies To Jimmie Rodgers)
12.After All These Years 3:28
13. Everybody’s Running From Something 3:20 MP3

All these songs are true, whether fact or fiction. My grampa was a miner. There were tequila lips, but no tattoo thighs. It’s true that a black rose will grow where love turns cold. Everybody did call him Harlan and, drunk or sober, he was my friend. There is life after 40, and I hope after 50, 60, 70, and 80 as well. Into my past she strays, her name is Nancy, and she’s not the only one. Missed dreams with regrets are just a fact of life and songwriting. Even with regrets, it’s better to be free. Walking the banks of the Mississippi at midnight is probably as free as life gets. I once did think the voice was a prophet, but, sadly, I don’t any more. Now truth is found in three chord blues - hell, in any three chord song for that matter. And after all these years, there’s no regrets, no second guess about the love I have chosen or given. Still, I can’t help thinking that everybody is running from something.


Special thanks to: Joe and John Dady for making all of us
wanna-be singers and musicians feel wanted; Steve Piper for “feeling” and playing the songs’ emotions; my wife Jan for
understanding why the guitars sometime get more attention than
she does.

Dedicated to Floyd Harlan Hughes because I never got to tell Old Harlan how important his life really was.

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Jim Bowers "Tequila Lips"

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