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Global Experience - World5

  1. The Morning Light
  2. You And I MP3
  3. All My Heart MP3
  4. So Sincere
  5. Bring Your Heart Home
  6. The Line MP3
  7. Jump and Shout
  8. Walk Away
  9. Dream House
  10. A Day For Lovers
  11. Living (Give Me A Reason)
  12. You And I (Acoustic version) Copyright Five Points Music LCC

"World5 - Global Experience" is an unadulterated success. The album flows 
nicely and will hold the interest of each listener without giving the urge 
to skip through the tracks. That in of itself is no small feat. "Global Experience" 
is a generous album bringing us 12 tracks, each song having the quality to make it 
as a stand alone hit. This is a polished album that will not disappoint you." 
"World5 have packed  Global Experience  with tons musical goodies. The arrangements, 
though never heavy on the ear, are always rich and luscious, while the rhythms, melodies 
and hooks have a positive and uplifting effect on the listener, in true world-music style." 
Pop/Rock for the grown up in all of us.  World5 s songs are packed not just with catchy
melodies and simple, relatable lyrics, but with a variety of world music sounds.  
It s a unique take on pop music. 
Produced by Randy Miller 

Global Experience - World5

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