Carousel Breezes Volume II

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Carousel Breezes Vol-2 1926 Wurlitzer Band Organ Style 165 DRK-135

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Second in this popular series, and another hour of great band organ music, Volume II of Carousel Breezes continues the excellent selection (by Merrick Price, of Seabreeze Park) and quality of Carousel Breezes. Twenty four of the most requested songs at the carousel are found on this recording, and they begin with the ringing of the bell that starts each carousel ride. Fox-trots, one-steps, and two-steps, each melody captures the spirit of days gone by.

Sit back in the bright red Adirondack rocking chairs and let the sounds of summer surround you. Just like Carousel Breezes, this recording includes an oversized insert with additional photos, another original carousel painting on the cover (courtesy of artist Diane Luke), and information about the historic band organ. Sadly, the same breezes that sent the happy music over Lake Ontario also fueled the tragic fire that destroyed the historic carousel and band organ on March 31, 1994. A special notation about the fire is included in this volume's insert. Not all of the special wooden horses were lost, fortunately, and in June 1996, they happily joined a complete set of new carved wooden horses on a brand new carousel at Seabreeze Park. These majestic works of art are now accompanied by a new band organ playing the 165 rolls.

Carousel Breezes Volume II Inside Picture

Album Inside Picture

Enjoying a summer morning in front of the Wurlitzer Military Style 165 Band Organ
(L to R.):

Alan H. Mueller: Alan's dad worked the concessions at the Seabreeze Park dance halls in the 1920's. Alan remembers riding the carousel in the 1 940's - 5 cents a ride! - and peering at the band organ (then located in the center of the carousel), trying to understand how it worked. He figured it out - Alan has been handling the major repairs of this Wurlitzer for many years.

Merrick Price: Son-in-law of George Long, Merrick has been at the park for over forty years, and could still be found in his office (or on his golf-cart) at 7:30 each morning. Merrick is holding Aaron Hofsass: grandson of Merrick and Lois Long Price, and son of Mark and Susan Price Hofsass. If he finds merry-go-rounds as appealing as his forebears, Aaron will be the sixth generation of the Long family to continue his family tradition.

Nicholas J. Rosica: As a young boy, Nick rode his bike to Seabreeze several times a week to hear the band organ (and record it on his cassette deck). Little did he know that as an adult it would be his meticulous care that keeps the Wurlitzer in such good working order.

Susan Hofsass: Daughter of Merrick and Lois Long Price, and carousel horse restorer. Suzy has restored the horses and chariots on PTC#36 to their original magnificence.

David R. Kaspersin: Owner of Dynamic Recording Studios, and carrousel enthusiast. Dave ran the arcade at Seabreeze for several years (and still gets a pretty good pinball score).

Jackie Kaspersin: Manages and promotes the Dynamic record label.

Producer: Merick Price Engineer: Dave Kaspersin Consultant: Alan Mueller Editing Engineer: Sharon Switch Whaley Cover Artwork: Diane Luke Photography: Schmidt Shoots Layout & Graphics: Jacquelyn Kaspersin

This recording is dedicated to the creators and preservers or our musical memories - those generations past, present, and future - whose dreanns and determination make our merry world go round.

Song List/Times

  1. Bells!! The Ride Begins!!
  2. Follow The Swallow 2:14
  3. Honest & Truly 1:58
  4. My Regular Girl 2:11
  5. Hoosier Sweetheart 2:18
  6. Silver Moon 1:51
  7. That's How I Believe In You 2:57
  8. KA-LU-A 3:15
  9. Martha 2:52
  10. Mellow Moon 2:45
  11. Leave Me With A Smile 3:17
  12. The Pal I Loved Stole The Gal That I Loved 1:52
  13. When I Was The Dandy And You Were The Belle 2:06
  14. It All Depends On You 2:00
  15. Georgette 2:56
  16. The Sunset Trail Of Gold 2:11
  17. Rosy Cheeks 1:58
  18. Russian Lullaby 2:04
  19. Red Hot Mama 2:04
  20. Doo Wacka Doo 2:05
  21. Don't Bring Me Posies 2:43
  22. My Old Hawaiian Home 2:42
  23. Say It While Dancing 2:41
  24. Thru' The Night 3:16
  25. Oh Lizzie! 2:07

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