Carousel Memories Vol - 2

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1926 Wurlitzer Band Organ plays the happiest music on earth! Lively waltzes, fox trots, two-steps, and marches played on the grand 252 pipe organ originally residing at historic Seabreeze Park on the shores of Lake Ontario. Ride the merry-go-round! This Wurlitzer Military Band Organ Style 165 was built in 1926 and purchased new from Wurlitzer by Mr. George Long of Seabreeze Park in Rochester, NY. Of the Wurlitzer Style 165s that were originally built, this band organ was one of only two remaining in amusement parks. Completely restored and housed with the beautiful carousel (Philadelphia Toboggan Co. #36) at Seabreeze on the shores of scenic Lake Ontario, the 252 pipe organ’s happy music traveled far on the lake breezes. Volume III’s music was recorded early on a rainy day in September of 1992. In the eerie solitude of the carousel building, Merrick Price, Alan Mueller, and Dave Kaspersin were in attendance changing the band organ rolls and recording the music. The combination of waltzes, fox trots, two-steps, and marches, demonstrate the versatility of the powerful Wurlitzer and “the happiest music on earth”. Sadly, the ornate wooden building housing the carousel and band organ burned to the ground in the late afternoon of March 31, 1994. Smoke billowing above Lake Ontario could be seen for many miles on that clear spring day. Now we mourn the tragic loss of the noble horses of PTC#36, and the silencing of that grand old Wurlitzer. A new carousel of hand carved wooden horses, and a new Verbeeck organ made their public debut in 1996 - crafted testaments to cherished memories of the originals.

Carousel Memories Vol-2
Johnny Verbeeck Wurlitzer Band Organ Military Style 165 DRK-20191

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Song List/Times

  1. Maybe
  2. With A Twist Of The Wrist
  3. I'd Give A Million Tomorrows
  4. Maria Elena
  5. You Are The One
  6. Georgia On My Mind
  7. Clara
  8. Sernade
  9. God Bless America
  10. There Will Always Be America
  11. Peggy O'Neil
  12. We're In Love

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